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Balance Mastery 
---- Zanshin ----
Embody Balance

Balance Mastery is Joshee Mannix, a mobile slacklining school that delivers personal training programs for balance, agility and focus of the body and mind on the slackline.

Slacklining can be described as walking, balancing or doing various tricks on a line tensioned between two anchors (trees most often). It may seem similar to tightrope walking, however the slackline webbing is flat and broader (1 or 2 inches for example), and the line itself is not perfectly tight – rather stretchy and dynamic.

A bit of history for you: To say that slacklining was invented would be difficult, almost as difficult as crediting an individual to its creation. The truth is that slacklining is an ongoing innovation to the already popular practises of balancing, from surfing and sk8ing to gymnastics and even the circus! But recently, slacklining has exploded here in Aus! thanx to the Slackline Australia community many sub cultures have come from this as more and more people are trying it from all walks of life. It can be used as:

 · A physical workout (core strength and stabilizer muscles)

 · A mental workout (reaction time, increase neural pathways between left and right hemispheres)

 · Sports training (proprioception and balance, all sports require it!)

 · Rehabilitation (great for knee and ankle injuries)

 · Recreation (tricks and stunts)

 · A form of Meditation (find that quiet place inside)

 · Balance Therapy (inner core strength)

 · As a form of Yoga and Tai Chi (moving meditation)

 · Social gatherings (its so funny watching your friends try for the first time!)

And anything else you can think of, because it can be done anywhere there are two points to attach to, you are bound only by your imagination!

Joshee was awesome and got me taking my first steps...

I'm grateful for how much FUN my guests had on the slackline. To get up there and give it a go...

so grateful for support from above...