Slackline can be challenging at first and takes time and focus. Learning in a group can enhance the experience! Bringing people together to support, learn and grow. Private or group lessons are available with Joshee and prices are open to variation depending on location and number of participants.

Drop Joshee a line on the contact page to discuss the best outcome for you.

Events / Festivals

Slackline is the physical tool for slowing down and tuning into oneself, making it excellent to have at events, private functions, festivals, birthdays, christmas parties etc. Joshee Mannix is mobile and with the right opportunity, willing to travel for festivals and events.

Drop Joshee a line on the contact page to book your next balance experience.

Private Lessons

One on one instruction is a good way to accelerate learning on the slackline with complete focus and minimal distraction. Balance Mastery is a mobile business so with enough notice i can come to you. Prices start at $60 an hour for private one on one instruction and can vary depending on location.

Get in touch on the contact page to book your balance lesson with Joshee Mannix.


Slackline demonstrations/performances are a great way to entertain and open peoples minds to the idea of balance. 


Slackline is a great tool to incorporate on retreats of a Balanced nature! Anything related to the mind, body and spirit. Yoga retreats, surfing retreats, health and fitness retreats. Slacklining trains not only your core, but also your mind space. Slackline and balance retreats are a great way to nurture the body and mind while also having fun. Hit the contacts page to book slackline on your next retreat!