Rick Cowley

My name is Rick Cowley and I run SURF LIFE Retreats on Bali. 

These retreats are a bit of surfing, a bit of yoga and a lot of fulfilment through discovering your purpose and dreams. 

It's a life-changing inner and outer adventure. 

I met Joshee Mannix a few times in Byron Bay and he expressed a keen desire to participant and contribute to the SURF LIFE Retreats. I was inspired by his desire. 

Shortly thereafter he attended one retreat as a participant, then I hired him to teach his 8 Steps To Achieving Balance program on the next retreat. 

Here are a few things that impressed me about Josh. 

Keep in mind we spent a lot of time together over these two weeks, I'd say we got to know each other well. 

- I'm grateful for how much FUN my guests had on the slackline. To get up there and give it a go, and fall, and get back up, and take one step, and fall, and repeat and repeat, it's a bit of work, but it's work that makes you SMILE. (One of the many slacklining lessons.) 

- I'm grateful for the progress that my guests made on the slackline. Josh left the line up, and we did a short lesson with him most days, and then each of us practiced a few times a day whenever we felt like it, and made steady PROGRESS. That felt GOOD. 

- I'm grateful for Josh's PRESENCE at my retreats. He's not a normal person, he's got a unique force. He has no ego, he'll go and start talking to anyone like they're a new friend. It's a little hard to put your finger on exactly what Josh has got. He was a positive influence on my guests. He knows when to listen, he knows when to talk. He's good at making space for others to discover for themselves and to grow. 

- I'm grateful for Josh's PASSION for slacklining and balance. It's so fun to see him get all inspired and hop up on the line, music cranking, he's bouncing all over the place, PLAYING on it. It's INSPIRING to watch him, and see what is possible. 

- I'm grateful for Josh's desire to grow. He faces new challenges with confidence and commitment. 

- Probably most importantly, I'm grateful for his friendship. As I said, we spent a lot of time together on these two journeys... and we forged a totally open, supportive, loving friendship. Yeah, that's what I'm most grateful for.

Josh is going to have an impact on this world.
As my SURF LIFE Retreats grow I look forward to inviting Josh back to Bali and who knows where else... See you soon bro.

-Rick Cowley of SURF LIFE   http://www.visionquestbaliretreat.com

Simon Borg-Oliver

"Joshee is a master artist and great teacher of the slackline. He is not only excellent at relating to and instructing children in this yogic art, he also helped me tremendously in achieving the balance for walking on a slackline. I think that if you get the chance to study with Joshee it would be a great opportunity for you"



- Simon Borg-Oliver of www.yogasynergy.com 

Eric Brown

In my travels to Byron Bay, I had a few opportunities to get slackline lessons from Joshee and I didn't expect it to be such a relaxing meditative play.

Joshee was awesome and got me taking my first steps. I brought a slackline back with me to the u.s. and look forward to another session with Joshee in the future. 


-Eric Brown of Mindful Moon & Mindful Sol