Hi im Joshee Mannix! Slackline changed my Life! The simple feeling of balancing your being completely on a line suspended between two trees! Its like learning how to walk again, except you have been walking your whole life right? So its easy :)

Through breathing and meditation on the slackline, my ability to handle and maintain a steady flow through the ups and downs of life has strengthened and ive been lucky enough to start a business teaching what i love and sharing this amazing feeling that grows and grows!


Meditation and stillness of the mind has been a big part of this journey! In the past, surfing, sk8ing and all things related to balance have been my way of slowing down my mind and opening up my awareness, alot of the time without even realising it!


Some people think slacklining is an adrenalin sport, its not. Yes there is adrenalin that comes with it for sure! But its about finding stillness amongst that rush of energy, endorphins, elevated heart rate whatever you call it, the feeling of excitement that challenges your awareness creating a response rather than a conscious movement.


When I found the slackline my thoughts and feelings towards that awareness changed incredibly! Slackline is a chosen awareness. To step onto the line and choose to still the mind, is the most empowering and amazing feeling I have found! To move and think and feel your way consciously along the line instead of simple reacting!


Kind of similar to living life right? :)

Joshee Mannix

Im inspired by people mostly! The ones who are brave enough to try new things, to step out of there comfort zone and have a go, to challenge themselves! Thats truly inspiring!


Slacklining! Of course :) I love that feeling! Knowing that im not going to fall, knowing that, I GOT THIS! True balance of physical self, body and mind!


Im inspired by children! The freedom and fun of being a child! Playing games and make believe! Children are the future!


Im inspired by the ocean and its amazing ability to change, constantly! Surfing inspires me greatly! The freedom of surfing a wave different everytime! WOW!


Nature! Im inspired by nature. To be in a state of wonderment, everyday! To be grateful and appreciate even the smallest things in life! Thats inspiring to me!


Just to name a few things :)

What Inspires me?

My life has been full of amazing experiences! And with those experiences comes a certain level of training or practise :)


  • Senior Certificate ( i finished school! )

  • Certificate 2 in small business management

  • Certificate 3 in micro business management

  • Certificate 3 in Marine craft construction ( Boatbuilder )

  • Senior first aid certificate

  • Advanced CPR and resuscitation certificate

  • Surf rescue certificate

  • Surfing Instructor level 1

  • Slackline instructor with Slackline Australia certified

  • Positive notice blue card ( working with children )


And the journey continues for improvement, learning and growth on all levels of learning in this lifetime.

Seriously though :)

Balance is our oldest sensory organ (0.6 billion years old) and our most under appreciated. Our vestibular system is what is responsible for our sense of balance, and how it works in conjunction with all of our other sensory organs, such as your audio, visual, skeletal and nervous systems. So basically, the vestibular system is completely responsible for our balance (without which we would not be able to stand!). The vestibular system is the first to develop in the womb, and all other senses develop in relation to it. Balance therapy has been used for many years to treat injuries to the vestibular system and diseases which affect it, at Balance Mastery it is my mission to make this therapy available in a fun way through regular slackline practise.

Why Balance?